Biomimetic Dentistry

Biomimetic Dentistry

When it comes to treating broken or decayed teeth, or cosmetic enhancement of your smile, BOH Dental are committed to offering the best materials available to restore a tooth back to optimum health and function, and natural appearance.

Our teeth may seem like fairly simple structures in our mouths, but they are actually a complex and brilliant combination of hard and softer materials, that in a healthy state are strong and resilient.

However, when teeth are weakened by decay, and other forms of wear and tear, this complex balance is disrupted and can result in significant weakening of our teeth.

An exciting area of research and innovation in dentistry involves the principle of biomimetics. Biomimetics is the study and development of synthetic systems (for example, the material used in dental fillings), that mimic the formation, structure and function of biologically produced substances, such as teeth.

The study of biomimetics principles has spurred innovation in the field of restorative dentistry. Dentists have been able to simulate the mechanics and functions of a healthy tooth and have developed new materials that can be used to preserve the health of a treated tooth, whilst producing natural and aesthetic results.

At BOH Dental, our Clinicians use the most up to date techniques and materials based on these ideals. The results are conservative, biologically sound and allow the recovery of the original biomechanics of the natural tooth.  We have noticed a dramatic improvement in our patients’ dental health who have used these materials.

The BOH team believes the principles of biomimetic dentistry are an important consideration when treating teeth in order to achieve normal function, aesthetic and long lasting results.

By Dr Davies