BOH Dental Anniversary| Celebrating 40 Years

BOH Dental Anniversary| Celebrating 40 Years
May 9th, 2016 | Anniversary, BOH Dental

BOH Dental is proud to celebrate its 40th anniversary. Established in 1976, by founding partners Keith Brain, John O’Brien & Richard Holzgrefe, the years since have seen us serve multiple generations of Brisbane residents.



Our name reflects those of our founders –
(B) Keith Brain, (O) John O’Brien & (H) Richard Holzgrefe

The world of health and medicine is constantly changing, but it is also something we have strived to keep up with. It doesn’t matter if you were a patient 40 years ago, or if you see us today, our expectation is that we deliver the same level of compassion, quality of care, and range of contemporary dental services.

This provision – to provide the highest levels of dental care – has always been central to our identity and ethos. This desire to make positive contributions to the lives of all our patients is as strong as ever. The constant drive to do what is best by our patients is what has kept us together as a group for 40 years. Sure, the building has changed and the technology may be different, but we believe that the underlying attitude to provide great service has persisted throughout.

“One of the traditions that has existed throughout our history is our shared discussion over lunch. It may sound like such a simple thing, but it stands for so much more,” says Dr David Ashton.

“Our founders believed these daily discussions were vital in fostering a collaborative approach to treatment, they have been a great way of learning from one another, and creating a team environment where we can talk about the best ways to maintain our high standards of dental care. 40 years later, and this tradition is still as strong as ever.”

Looking forward, we hope to maintain the service and care that we are known for, while actively looking to integrate the best of modern technology.

“When we look at the dentistry we were providing 40 years ago, it has changed dramatically with the introduction of materials and the understanding of the science behind the dental care we provide,” says Dr Stuart Garraway.

“With the changes in technology, and computing, it may be that what we are doing today will be obsolete as the industry changes over the next 40 years. However, our commitment to keep abreast of these developments will remain – and to ensure our patients are best served with the optimal treatments for them.”

To celebrate our anniversary, we have put together a timeline of some important events in our history, from the induction of each of our dentists, to the ‘big move’ to our current location on the 12th floor of 79 Adelaide Street.


Celebrating 40 Years at BOH Dental - Timeline Graphic

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