BOH Youtube | Bonded Restorations
with Dr David Ashton

BOH Youtube | Bonded Restorations <br> with Dr David Ashton

Our first video in our new series of Youtube clips was produced is presented by Dr David Ashton. Discussing the advantages to bonded restorations, Dr Ashton shows us why these restorations allow you to keep more of your natural tooth!

Earlier in the year, we released a BOH Dental mini-documentary. Shot in conjunction with the great people at Yarn, the video was a look into our lives at work, and was well received by staff and patients alike.

This passion for video must have been contagious – because ever since we have been firmly committed to releasing videos on a more consistent basis. Our goal with this new line of videos is to shine some light on some dental topics that you may find useful.

No actors or paid presenters, just sound information and advice delivered directly by our dentists in a quick and easy to digest manner. We hope you find them valuable.

Now that’s something to smile about.