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Dr Alana Evans

As soon as your child has teeth, it is valuable to have them checked. This is also a great opportunity to discuss tooth brushing and the impact of diet on your child’s teeth.

Your Children’s Dentist in Brisbane

Taking your child to the dentist does not need to be a stressful event, and our caring staff are here to make your appointments a pleasant experience for both you and your child.

Our team is more than happy to treat children of all years of age, from the youngest of the family to the oldest. Our goal is to provide a caring and comfortable environment so that dental treatment feels welcoming and friendly for all our young patients.

“As soon as your child has teeth, it is valuable to have them checked. This is also a great opportunity to discuss tooth brushing and the impact of diet on your child’s teeth,” says Dr Alana Evans. “These visits lay down the foundation for a lifetime of good oral health.”

We can help your children from their first dental appointments, all the way through to adulthood – and our practice, established in 1976, has done just that for multiple generations of Brisbane residents.

Why Should You Take Your Children to a Family Dentist?

There are several key factors, such as environment, diet and hereditary factors, that can display themselves in multiple (or even all) members of the same family. You can read about these factors, and the benefits of seeing a family dentist here.

A family dentist is in a privileged position to view the overall health of your family, and this allows them to identify and monitor many potential problems with your child’s dental health. It also gives an opportunity for early diagnosis.

“There are many medical anomalies that present in multiple family members,” says Dr Alana Evans. “Knowing that one of these anomalies exists in the family allows for better planning and management of your child’s dental treatment.”

Is My Child Too Young for the Dentist?

The Australian Dental Association recommends your child’s first dental appointment at 12 months of age, or shortly after the eruption of their first baby teeth.

During this visit, the dentist will check the health of the child’s first teeth, and any potential alignment issues. It is also an opportunity to go over any important information for parents, such as the best toothbrushes, pastes and dental products to use to ensure your child maintains healthy teeth!


Dental education starts at an early age,
both at home and at the dentist.

“If your child comes to the dentist regularly, they will feel more comfortable in the environment and have a greater understanding of oral health and the need for treatment,” says Dr Alana Evans.

“This removes any fear of the dental chair, makes treatment more manageable and sets them up for a lifetime of good dental health.”

For more age appropriate information for your child, and tips to keep their smiles healthy – check out our kid’s dental timeline articles using the buttons below.

Tips for Your Child’s Dental Appointments

We believe that dentistry is about making every appointment as successful as possible, and it is our goal to ensure that everything is in place for a comfortable visit – for both you and your child.

The following tips should help you prepare for your dental visit.

Minimizing Your Child's Anxiety

Try to book an appointment time that will allow you to bring your child in well rested, as children are often more anxious when they are tired.

Children can be impressionable, and we find that the anxiety of the parent can potentially be reflected in the child. Dr Alana Evans says,

“Sometimes we suggest Mum and Dad sit in the waiting room, giving your child the opportunity to manage their own appointment. Your child will leave feeling proud that they took care of their teeth and are often less anxious.”

Discussing the Appointment

When you are talking to your child about dentistry, try not to use negative words or phrases that may raise a natural fear of the dentist such as hurt, pain, or needle.

We recommend outlining the positives of the dental experience – that is, looking after a bright white smile and keeping it that way!

Bring in their Favourite Toy or DVD

Does your child have a favourite toy or DVD?

We recommend bringing it in for their dental appointment, as it may provide both comfort and a sense of familiarity.

Inform your Dentist of Existing Conditions

Are you worried about an underlying psychological or medical condition that could impact your child’s appointment?

Please identify these with us, as we are happy to cater to the individual needs of each of our patients. We consider these needs as an integral part of the relationship between your family and our dentists.