COVID-19 (Coronavirus) Practice Update & Information

COVID-19 (Coronavirus) Practice Update & Information

At BOH Dental, we are actively monitoring the impact of the COVID-19 presence in Australia and are taking precautions to protect our patients and staff during this period.

Current Update


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Our practice is once again able to offer full-service dental treatment with the announcement that restrictions will continue to ease across the dental industry. Our practice will be open from Monday to Friday, and we are happy to be one step closer to full operation.

Screening for COVID-19 will remain of vital importance, and we will continue to provide appropriate management for any patients that are assessed for ‘epidemiological or clinical risk factors for COVID-19’. This means that before your appointment you will be contacted and potential risk factors discussed.

There are currently no associated call-out or emergency fees for dental treatment under these operating conditions, and all dental treatments normally available at BOH Dental are able to be provided within our practice following all appropriate screening. All preventive treatments are now available, such as dental check-ups, hygiene appointments and dental cleans.

We ask that all patients continue to follow appropriate hygiene measures, such as washing hands thoroughly and respecting isolation measures such as social distancing. We currently provide hand sanitizers on arrival, and we will continue to keep standards that maintain a safe environment for all our patients and staff.

We have maintained exemplary precautionary measures throughout this period, and these will remain in place. These include the use of pre-procedural mouth rinse, social distancing in the waiting room, removal of high-touch items like reading materials and frequent wiping of high-use surfaces.

We are looking forward to being able to provide high-quality dental care for all our patients and respect the response of the community during this time.

Previous Updates

Update: 04/05/2020

BOH Dental is pleased to announce a return to level 2 operating restrictions with our practice open for many important dental treatments from Tuesday, May 5th.

Our response as a community throughout this challenging time has been extraordinary, and we appreciate the patience and care that has been shown by our patients, staff and larger BOH family.

Australian Dental Association

The Australian Dental Association states that the latest changes to operating restrictions follow as a ‘consequence of an assessment of risk by the Australian Health Protection Principal Committee (AHPPC) and the National Cabinet’. We thank everyone for understanding the changing landscape and look forward to opening our doors again and providing high levels of dental care for our patients.

Under the latest guidelines, BOH Dental is able to offer dental services within our practice with far less restrictive elements. This means we can return to the provision of many dental treatments for our patients, and these include –

  • Dental examinations
  • Simple non-invasive fillings
  • Various restorative dental treatments
  • Non-surgical extractions
  • Hand scaling
  • Orthodontics
  • TMJ, sleep apnoea & bruxism treatment
  • Prosthodontic consultation & some services

We will continue to stay vigilant and practice high standards of infection control and screening for potential symptoms of COVID-19 prior to treatment in our practice. We will be following all suggested precautionary measures including social distancing, sanitary precautions, PPE, mouth rinses and aerosol management.

Update: 01/04/2020

BOH Dental has received feedback regarding the $415 callout fee. Firstly, thank you to those who have raised their concerns. We hear you and we would like to clarify this decision. This fee does not go to the dentist. This fee covers the cost of providing two support staff to attend BOH Dental to allow the dentist to provide emergency care, safely, whilst we are in a forced shutdown.

Our normal Coronavirus screening guidelines still apply as we are unable to provide care to confirmed or suspected infected/quarantined patients. However, any emergency care provided now presumes the patient has been exposed to Coronavirus. On completion of treatment, the clinical treatment room will be shut down. This means, one patient one room. Overnight infected aerosols will settle on hard surfaces. The next day, all hard surfaces within the surgery will be disinfected by the clinical support staff member.

The callout fee covers the compulsory minimal wages to have trained support staff assist the dentist on the day and critical disinfection the next day. Our intention is to provide emergency care and keep us all safe. Traditionally, BOH dentists provide out of hours emergency services, without support staff. This is not safe under present Level 3 restrictions.

We aim to help you through these difficult times with minimal cost and maximum safety, so our preference is to provide advice and emergency assessment by telephone. However, if clinical treatment is unavoidable, we will provide only essential pain management and trauma care, so additional fees are kept to a minimum.

Please ring BOH Dental on 3223 5000 to find the mobile phone number of the on-call dentist and discuss your emergency and any financial hardship you may be experiencing in these challenging times.

Update: 31/03/2020

Unfortunately, BOH Dental is no longer open to see patients in the practice. However, BOH dental will ensure our dentists are available to give advice to our patients during this forced shutdown.

If any of our patients of the practice absolutely need to be seen during this forced shutdown, an upfront $415 callout fee will be charged. This fee will need to be paid before appointments can be scheduled with an available dentist. There will be clinical fees for procedures provided as well as the $415 callout fee.

The Australian Government and Australian Dental Association have modified their advice and we are now currently operating under Level 3 restrictions which prevents us from providing any dental care that can generate aerosols. There is risk of spread of the COVID-19 virus through aerosols created during dental procedures if someone is infected with the virus. Therefore, all aerosol generating procedures are now cancelled until further notice.

We are therefore only able to offer dental treatments that do not generate aerosols. Some very limited dental treatments are permitted under very strict guidelines for people with acute dental pain, severe trauma, or complex medically compromised patients. Our intention is to try and help our patients through these difficult times without them having to seek care in the public hospital system.

We are available to assist with phone advice and there will be one of the BOH Dental clinicians available every weekday. Please call the practice to find the dentist on-call or contact your own dentist by mobile phone. All BOH dentist’s mobile phone numbers are listed in the white and yellow pages.

If any of our patients are in urgent need of care that is not able to be offered safely in our rooms, then we may be available to try to facilitate the transfer of these cases into the private or public hospital sector.

We appreciate your understanding in these difficult times and we will advise when we have returned to normal operating capacity, whenever that may be.

Update: 24/03/2020

BOH Dental is still open for restricted business and will continue to provide services to our patients in accordance with Queensland Health, the Australian Government and following the Australian Dental Association’s advice. We are currently operating under Level 2 restrictions which prevents us from offering routine examination and hygiene services. We are still able to offer necessary routine dental treatment using standard precautions, urgent dental treatment and emergency dental treatment.

We understand people are anxious about coming to the dentist, so this message is to advise you of the additional precautionary action we are taking over and above standard precautions.

The dental profession has been managing the risk of infected aerosols for years. However, we have increased protocols given the global pandemic and the ease of transmission of this virus.

The BOH reception room chairs have been separated for social distancing. All patients on arrival must use an alcohol disinfectant hand gel. We have demarcated an area at our reception desk to keep distance between our reception team and the public. All reading material and any unnecessary objects have been removed from the reception area.

waiting room covid update

Once in the surgery, all patients are asked to use a peroxide mouth rinse for 30 seconds which will kill all oral coronavirus. We are adding 15 minutes to every procedural appointment to allow additional time so dentists and staff will never be rushed, and a full surgery sanitation can be carried out.

BOH staff members are wiping all surfaces, lift buttons and door handles consistently being touched by staff and patients every hour with alcohol surface wipes.

All our BOH clinical team continue to use personal protective equipment and we have reliable supply of gloves and masks.

If any of our patients are in pain or have oral or dental infection, we will continue to provide treatment to people requiring these essential services.

Update: 18/03/2020

At BOH Dental, we are actively monitoring the impact of the COVID-19 presence in Australia and are taking precautions to protect our patients and staff during this period.

We would like to assure you that we already have impeccable medical workplace standards as part of our role as a primary health provider, that naturally make our practice as safe as possible to attend. We are committed to providing dental care throughout this time, despite the challenges. We ask that everyone follows appropriate hygiene measures, which includes washing hands thoroughly and containing coughs and sneezes.

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Currently, hand-sanitizers are provided on arrival and for your use while at our practice, and we have taken the safety precautions of removing all magazines and shared resources from our waiting room and shared environments.

If you are returning from overseas travel, you are feeling unwell, or have the following symptoms, please contact us to discuss any upcoming appointments –

  • Runny nose
  • Sneezing
  • Fever
  • Respiratory issues
  • Minor gastrointestinal upset
  • Dry cough
  • Fatigue
  • Muscle aches


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