Dental Anxiety Management at BOH Dental

Dental Anxiety Management at BOH Dental

Dental appointments have the potential to make us feel uneasy, whether it’s the sight, smell or sounds of treatment. In some cases, these feelings can be so overwhelming that they may prevent the formation of a positive relationship with your dentist, and directly influence whether you attend your dental appointments.

Fortunately, your dentist has many tools at their disposal when it comes to making your appointments calm, comfortable and friendly. It is your dentist’s role to ensure that you feel confident throughout your treatment and to provide a safe environment for your dental care.

We take a look at two of our articles below that might help you understand the severity of your dental anxiety, explain how we can assist you to break the cycle, and provide information about the tools that may help you overcome your fear of the dentist permanently.

Dental Anxiety Management from Mild to Severe

Guide to Dental Anxiety Management
From Mild to Severe

Have you felt a little uneasy before a dental appointment? We explore the key differences between mild dental anxiety and a severe dental phobia.

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Breaking the Cycle
of Dental Anxiety

Dental anxiety stops many people from feeling comfortable or safe at the dentist, and may even stop some people from accessing dental care completely. So, how can your dentist help break this cycle?