Dental Anxiety Trial Program with Dr Ian Davies

Dental Anxiety Trial Program with Dr Ian Davies

At BOH Dental, we love to support people that wish to overcome their dental anxiety and regain control of their oral health. It makes a world of difference to be able to go to the dentist, to remain calm and retain the ability to focus clearly throughout treatment.

“We like to help people feel positive about dentistry, and we provide a supportive, comforting, friendly and calm environment. Helping anxious patients reach a point where dentistry feels accessible again is incredibly positive for your oral health, and incredibly rewarding for your dental team,” says Dr Ian Davies.

Dr Davies is currently on track to start a dental anxiety trial program in 2020, and this involves the use of audio-visual presentations to reprogram parts of the brain to respond to dental anxiety triggers in a more positive way. These techniques have been used to treat trauma and stress in many different settings, and the goal of this study is to gather data to better understand their effectiveness in a dental setting.

As a general dentist with a strong interest in holistic practice, Dr Davies has helped many of our patients learn to handle the pressure and anxiety that upcoming dental treatment can cause. This often involves the use of tools that help patient’s remain calm, such as calming music and aromatherapy, to pharmaceutical interventions such as sedation.

You can read more about the different ways we help patients overcome their dental anxiety in our articles – Breaking the Cycle, and our Dental Anxiety Guide – and an invitation to join our trial is also available below.

Trial Invitation with Dr Ian Davies

We would like to bring to your attention an exciting new therapy for those that suffer from dental anxiety. We know that lots of people do not like coming for dental treatment. However, there are many of you that battle with severe anxiety and fear of attending the dentist and having dental treatment.

Dr Ian Davies, one of the dentists at BOH Dental, has been working in collaboration with Regina Rowlison and has co-produced an audiovisual intervention designed to reduce dental anxiety. This intervention is quick and easy to watch and can be used from home. Dr Davies is now at the stage of formally testing this intervention and is about to run a pilot study with the help of the University of Qld Dental School.

If you suffer from significant dental anxiety or know someone who does then please email Dr Ian Davies, or pass this email on to someone you think may wish to be involved. Reply to and Dr Davies will forward documentation which will provide more information about the study and how to be involved.

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