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BOH Dental offers three types of crowns –

  • high quality all ceramic crowns & porcelain crowns
  • all metal crowns containing high gold content alloys
  • porcelain fused to metal (PFM) restorations

High Quality Dental Crowns in Brisbane

At BOH, we provide our patients with hand-crafted crowns created in our dental laboratory, Studio 12. The focus at Studio 12 is on constructing high quality crowns, and our highly experienced laboratory technicians use the optimum combination of high quality materials and laboratory-grade preparation, including finishing all work under a microscope.

BOH crowns are quality controlled in the Studio 12 laboratory to ensure that the fit of the crown is to a minimal tolerance. Our technicians’ attention to detail in the impression making process and a focus on accurate dyes and model systems achieves a superior quality finish to all our dental crowns – regardless of the material used for your crown treatment.

Due to the high quality of the internal fit and the adherence to strict design principles in the reshaping of the tooth, BOH crowns are “over engineered” and will tolerate many years of service. The average life of crowns from international studies is between 10 to 12 years. However, many crowns made by Studio 12 and placed by a BOH dentist last many more years.

Our Commitment to Superior Aesthetics

At BOH and Studio 12 the advantage of colour corrected lighting, digital photography and individual shade making, in addition to custom recording of each patient’s tooth shades ensures a superior aesthetic outcome.

Apart from technical excellence, patients can feel secure in the knowledge that a crown placed by a BOH dentist is made on premise by locally trained technicians, and styled in the clean lines and beautiful aesthetics associated with BOH Dental.

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