Teeth Stuck in Basketball Net |
Non-Contact Dental Injuries

Teeth Stuck in Basketball Net | <br>Non-Contact Dental Injuries

We have all heard about the potential injuries that can occur during collision sports, like boxing or football, but we find that many of our patients are surprised by the amount of dental injuries that can occur during limited contact and non-contact activities.

Sometimes a picture, or a nice rolling clip, can articulate a point much better than words ever could. Enter (stage right) Kentucky Wildcat’s Alex Poythress getting his tooth stuck in a basketball net during an alley-oop.

It’s Not Just Player on Player Contact

While basketball is considered a contact sport by most sports administrators, it ultimately lacks the hits, tackles, and high impacts that categorize collision sports like rugby, boxing and MMA.

“Any physical sport or game has the potential for damaging dental injuries, often when the player is not expecting it,” Dr Stuart Garraway says.

Many sporting activites contain collisions that are not between players, but between the individual and their surroundings – a goal post, bat, ball, or even a basketball net.

In fact, the highest rates of dental injury occur during sporting activities that are considered non-contact – they include skateboarding, riding a scooter or a bike!

Custom Mouthguards Offer the Best Protection

We recommend a custom-made mouthguard for any sporting or recreational activity that carries a risk of facial injury.

Not only do custom mouthguards offer great protection for your teeth, but they have also been proven to protect from jaw and neck injuries, and there is evidence that they can help reduce concussion.

“Custom made mouthguards offer superior protection and fit from ‘boil and bite’ models, which improve an athlete’s performance, no matter what the activity,” Dr Stuart Garraway says.

And for those of you worried about the state of Alex’s tooth, like a true battler he stuck around until the final buzzer, scored a few more points and got his dental health checked out after the game.


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