Denture Locators Video | Securing Your Dentures

Denture Locators Video | Securing Your Dentures

Loose dentures are a common issue and denture adhesives are not the only solution available if you have this problem.

Denture locating systems, such as Zest Anchors, are self-aligning systems that allow your denture to be retained by a small number of dental implants. This provides a secure anchor point for your denture to ‘snap on’, and hold in place throughout the day – without the need for adhesives.

There are several advantages of these systems over traditional denture systems –

  • Less movement of your denture while eating, chewing or speaking
  • A secure and tighter denture fit
  • No mess and minimal time spent fitting or removing dentures
  • Long-term stability and ease of use

Dr Peter Greer discusses the benefits of an anchor system in our video below.