Dentures Brisbane | Prosthodontics, Denture Design & Maintenance

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Prosthodontics is the branch of dentistry which deals with the replacement of missing teeth. BOH has four dentists with degrees in Prosthodontics. We are dedicated to combining our skills and experience to provide well-designed, comfortable and good-looking dentures for our patients.

Despite the many recent advances in dentistry many people still wear full dentures or partial dentures. Unfortunately, many of the skills needed to make good dentures have been put aside or lost in the rush to new technology.

At BOH Dental, we aim to retain these skills and our entire dental team have excellent under-graduate training. Supervised by our specialist Prosthodontics department, our team are able to help with all your denture issues including denture maintenance, repair, fitting and adjustment.

We are ready and willing to use these skills to help you with your denture problems, and if necessary introduce you to some of the modern technology advances that can make denture wearing more comfortable, secure and cosmetically pleasing. We also offer a full compliment of dental restoration and Prosthodontic services, such as implants and bridges, and are more than happy to discuss your denture options with you.