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Dental Industry Employment in Brisbane

As with any quality workplace, we are always searching for the best staff to supplement our talented team. Is that you?

BOH Dental currently employs fifty full-time and part-time staff. Our employees have been chosen for their commitment to the provision of oral health care services, their team-oriented attitude and passion about quality health outcomes. People from all walks of life and many nationalities are recruited, but two criteria are common – expert skills and the ability to offer leading oral health strategies within our progressive workplace.

BOH Dental is committed to the development of professional skill levels for all employees. Our workplace culture is based on traditional values, and we believe all our customers should be treated with trust and respect. We are committed to maintaining a positive work environment so our employees can reach their full potential. BOH Dental is proud to facilitate ongoing education and we view both onsite and offsite training as critical precursors to career development.

We recognize the benefits of highly trained, highly skilled and motivated people, and we strive to provide a workplace that encourages our team to stay for the long term. Due to the large size of our practice and culture, we are able to offer great flexibility. BOH Dental is proud of its reputation and its dedication to providing the best possible work place for all its employees.

If you believe you have something to offer our wonderful Dental practice, please forward your CV to the relevant contact below.

Administrative positions
Caitie Tuit (Practice Administrator) – ctuit@bohdental.com.au

Clinical positions
Adina Simpson (Clinical Administrator) – asimpson@bohdental.com.au