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Dr Alana Evans

Tooth decay has many risk factors such as a high sugar diet, poor tooth-brushing and fluoride use. These factors are commonly shared within a family so a whole family approach is often the best solution for your family’s dental management.

Dentistry for Your Family

Are you looking for a dentist who can treat the whole family?

Our dental practice in Brisbane CBD is privileged to have treated multiple generations of Brisbane residents, from the smallest baby teeth through to grandma and grandpa.

We offer a comprehensive list of dental services – from our General Dentists, specialist staff & Prosthodontists, to our in-house dental laboratory and dental hygiene department.

Benefits of a Dentist for the Whole Family

There are several key benefits to finding a dental practice for the whole family.

Not only does this allow your dentist to assess the overall health of your family’s teeth, but it also lets us gain a greater understanding of any hereditary or familial health issues that may be present.

Hereditary Conditions

Some health and dental problems can occur in more than one member of the family, such as diabetes or a susceptibility to certain illness or diseases.

There are also many dental anomalies that can present across multiple members of a family, including congenitally missing teeth, enamel defects and malocclusion.

“Treating the entire family allows us to identify dental anomalies that your family is at risk of, and plan for their early management,” says Dr Alana Evans.

Environmental & Diet Factors

Also, many environmental factors can have impacts on your family’s dental health – such as diet, water quality, and even the chemicals and materials you come in contact with around the house.

“Tooth decay has many risk factors such as a high sugar diet, poor tooth-brushing and fluoride use,” says Dr Alana Evans. “These factors are commonly shared within a family so a whole family approach is often the best solution for your family‚Äôs dental management.”

What to Look For in a Family Dentist

A family dentist should be able to establish a good relationship with all members of the family. You and your loved ones should all feel comfortable asking your dentist any questions that you may have regarding your dental health.

Our goal is to ensure that every appointment or discussion we have with you and your family is a positive one, that not only promotes healthier teeth but also provides the necessary knowledge for you to implement preventive strategies at home.

For Children

We find the needs of the parents and children are very different. Here are some key aspects to look for in your family dentist when it comes to the dental treatment of your child.

If you would like to know more about dentistry for kids, you can read more in our children’s dentistry article here.


Is your dentist approachable? Children will often hesitate to ask questions if they are nervous – breaking the ice by ‘taking them for a ride in the chair’ and building their level of comfort, we can ensure that they are comfortable and ready for treatment (without the nerves).

Gentle Manner

A gentle manner is essential when treating children. We ensure that their appointments are as pain-free as possible, and that treatment is conducted in a caring and considerate manner.

Patience & Kindness

Patience and kindness are two key qualities to look for in a family dentist. Sometimes kids just want to be kids, and we understand that. They can have bad days, and dental appointments can be difficult, but our staff are well trained to handle these situations.

For Adults

Adults also have some key concerns, and some of the factors that may influence your choice of dentist include –

Professional Skills & Experience

Dentistry is an expansive field and many dentists choose to specialize in a certain areas or participate in on-going education.

Your dentist should have information freely available about their qualifications and areas of expertise, and the courses and industry bodies they associate with.

At BOH Dental, we are fortunate to have a multi-discipline dental team that is a mixture of general dentists, specialists and auxiliary staff.

This combined knowledge and group consultancy means that each of our patients are treated with the highest level of dental care possible – from patients who need a routine check-up, to those interested in dental implants, or particular cosmetic treatments such as Invisalign.

Do you want to find out more about one of our team members? You can read more here!

Good Rapport

A strong and trusting relationship between you and your dentist is an essential part of on-going dental treatment for your family.

“Building a trusted relationship between yourself and your dentist is valuable and occurs when you see the same dentist every visit,” says Dr Alana Evans. “It allows us to better understand your individual needs and concerns.”


We are located in Brisbane CBD with great access to local transport and facilities. We always have an emergency dentist on call, and bookings can be made directly online.

Saturday openings are also available, for our existing patients, allowing you and your family to see us on the weekends if necessary.

Comfortable & Safe Environment

Our team are all very mindful of our patient’s environment. Keeping our dental practice comfortable and safe is a full time job.

Just ask our auxiliary staff!

We run over 5,400 sterilization cycles per year –  and you can read about some of the steps our sterilization department take right here.