We cover some of our most frequently asked questions below.

What should I do if I knock a tooth out?

Knocking out, or “avulsing” a tooth can be one of the most serious dental injuries. Teeth can be saved if care is taken and professional help is sought immediately. Our emergency dentists in Brisbane CBD recommend that you handle the tooth carefully. Avoid touching the root (the part of the tooth that was embedded in the gum) because it can be damaged easily. There are special cells on the root that will help it re-join inside the mouth. Replace the tooth to where it came from if possible. If the tooth is dirty, hold it by the upper part (the crown) and rinse it off with saline solution or milk. If you don’t have any milk available, then it is best to leave the tooth alone. Wiping it off with a handkerchief or a piece of cloth may cause additional damage. Keep the tooth moist. If possible, drop it into a glass of milk or cup of saliva. If no milk is available, then place the tooth in the mouth between the cheek and gum. Avoid water as this can damage the cells. Be sure to contact your dentist as soon as possible, and try to book an emergency appointment or seek advice for finding an available emergency dentist.

What should I do if my child's baby tooth is knocked out?

Replacing baby teeth can lead to further problems with the development of your child’s permanent teeth. As a result they should not be put back into the mouth. Place the tooth in milk and transport it and the child to a dental professional as soon as possible.

What should I do if my child's baby tooth is chipped?

If a chip occurs you should have it assessed as soon as possible. This is particularly important if it is a large chip as it may require further treatment.

What should I do if my temporary crown comes off?

Temporary crowns provide protection for the underlying tooth that your BOH dentist has prepared. If it comes off it needs to be re-cemented as soon as possible. Store the temporary crown in a hard container to prevent further damage and visit our emergency dentists in Brisbane CBD as soon as possible.

What should I do if my tooth breaks?

If you have a broken tooth, try to clean any debris from the tooth with warm water. If caused by a blow, place a cold compress on the face to minimize swelling. Try to find all the bits that are missing and bring them to your dentist, keeping them in saline or milk. Visit our team of emergency dentists in Brisbane CBD as soon as possible.

What should I do if my implant seems slightly loose?

An implant can feel loose for numerous reasons. It is best for your dental surgeon in Brisbane to assess this and deliver a prompt and effective solution to rectify the loose feeling. Our Specialist Prosthodontists have many years experience with these dental implant systems and can provide secondary opinions, consultations and treatments regarding a wide range of dental prosthetics.

Why are my teeth discoloured?

There are numerous reasons why teeth can discolour such as a change in diet, certain medications or the use of a new mouth rinse. Stains can be easily cleaned or bleached by your dentist or a hygienist at BOH. If other causes are suspected, such as concerns with the enamel on your teeth or the discolouration of old fillings, treatment options can be discussed with your dentist.

Why is my tooth sensitive to hot or cold?

Teeth get sensitive to temperature for many reasons. This can include nerve pain, cracked teeth, root sensitivity, clenching of the jaws and tooth grinding. Your BOH dentist needs to assess your concerns and make an accurate diagnosis. If the tooth is very painful after hot or cold and the pain lasts for some time then the nerve in the tooth may be starting to give problems. This requires prompt treatment to resolve the discomfort. If the pain is severe but does not last long your tooth may have a crack. These teeth require management to ensure that the crack does not get worse.

Why are my teeth sensitive?

Teeth can be sensitive for many reasons. Often this sensitivity is from the root surface on the tooth. A coating can be placed over the area to help reduce this or the use of a toothpaste for sensitive teeth can also help reduce the discomfort.

Why would I need a root canal instead of a filling?

If decay or a crack in a tooth has traveled to the nerves, the only method to save the tooth is root canal treatment. Unlike extracting the tooth, root canal treatment allows your dentist to preserve your natural tooth, gum and bone structure.

Can I have the gaps between my teeth corrected?

It is possible to have the gaps between your teeth corrected. Small gaps can usually be filled with an aesthetic filling material. Larger gaps may need porcelain veneers. Some spaces require braces to close them as they are too wide to close by other methods. Your dentist at BOH can advise you on the best method for your individual case.

Can I have my teeth whitened easily?

Tooth whitening is an easy, safe and effective way of changing the appearance of teeth without causing any harm to your tooth structure. Most evidence shows the best way of achieving this is through home bleaching. This gently whitens your teeth and allows you to control the level of whitening achieved. Home bleaching is approximately half the cost of “laser” bleaching and just as effective.

Can I have my amalgam fillings changed for better aesthetics?

Silver amalgam is a filling material that has been used in different forms for 100 years. It is strong, durable, economical and safe and is still the material of choice for many circumstances. The main drawback to amalgam restorations is that they are not tooth coloured fillings. If a more aesthetic filling is required then BOH offers alternatives using composite resin, or, where stronger fillings are required, we provide a full range of ceramic dental restorations for a wide variety of treatments, such as dental crowns and veneers. This incorporates the latest design technology to deliver a beautiful strong restoration that is bio-compatible, aesthetic and life-like.

Can I treat my misaligned teeth with braces?

Misaligned teeth can often be given a straighter appearance by using veneer technology in either porcelain or composite resin. This “instant orthodontic” technique gives a natural smile without the time commitment for orthodontics. BOH Dental also offers Invisalign treatment, a revolutionary treatment that is almost invisible, and perfect for people that are worried about the aesthetic impact of braces.

Can I have several of my teeth treated with implants?

The techniques to replace missing teeth have changed greatly in the last decade. The traditional methods of either a fixed bridge or a removable denture have been augmented by the use of titanium implant technology. This allows the permanent replacement of missing teeth without having to change the remaining teeth around your missing tooth site. BOH’s dental surgeons in Brisbane has been involved with titanium implant technology for over 20 years and has all implant services available, including the latest computer design software for precision implant placement.

Can I have my worn veneers replaced?

Dental veneers have a lifespan ranging from five to fifteen years depending on the material the veneers were made from. Because veneers are such a conservative way of changing the tooth appearance there is always the ability to have veneers redone. Contact our team of dental surgeons in Brisbane for more information and a complete assessment.

What are these discolorations and white marks on my children`s adult teeth?

Marks on erupting teeth are often from trauma whilst the tooth is developing or an elevated temperature whilst the adult tooth is developing. A change in a child’s temperature of only two degrees can lead to poor formation of the enamel on the developing adult tooth. These marks can be bleached via teeth whitening or covered over with an aesthetic dental filling when the tooth matures.