40 Years of Family Dentistry | Four Generations of Care at BOH Dental

40 Years of Family Dentistry | Four Generations of Care at BOH Dental

Last year, we celebrated our 40 year Anniversary at BOH Dental, and one of the things that stood out for us was the number of conversations we had with our patients about their family’s history at the practice.

We are proud of the long-term connections we make through BOH Dental. These relationships exemplify our patient first ethos, and our goal to provide personalized care to everyone we treat. Dr Mark Elliott, who has been associated with BOH Dental in General Dentistry & Prosthodontics since 1984, says,

“For me, it is professionally and personally rewarding, to know that after 40 years, our patients are still choosing to seek dental care in our practice.”

“All the dentists here draw comfort when long-term established patients are encouraging their children and grandchildren to come to BOH Dental, when a choice of a local suburban dental practice would often be much easier and convenient.”


Sarah & Family with Dr Ian Davies & Dr Mark Elliott (Brisbane Dentists)Lyndell (centre left), her daughter Sarah (centre right), and two grandchildren, Isabella & Emma (front), visited us for their dental exams, with Dr Ian Davies (left) & Dr Mark Elliott (right).

Lyndell and her parents received dental care from Dr Keith Brain (pictured below) throughout his career until 1991, and continue to be seen by Dr Mark Elliott. The family’s younger members are treated by Dr Ian Davies – and together they represent four generations of dental care within our practice.

Dr Elliott explains that the care we provide extended families like these suggests an ‘enduring level of trust and respect’, which are two core principles at BOH Dental that form the cornerstone of our long-term professional relationships.

Our founders established BOH Dental in 1976 – Dr Keith Francis Brain (left), Dr John Vincent O’Brien (middle) and Dr Richard William Holzgrefe (right).

“We have always strived to listen, understand and meet the needs of our patients in our practice and provide appropriate options for their dental care.  The needs of the individual are always well considered and treatment solutions presented in a calm and considered manner,” says Dr Mark Elliott.

“I draw comfort and confidence knowing that we are continuing to meet the needs of all patients, young and old when multiple generations of extended families continue to seek their dental care at BOH Dental.”