Holistic Dentist Brisbane CBD | Holistic Dentistry & Biomimetics

A holistic dentist is in a unique position to look at the mouth and to investigate its relationship with a patient’s complete medical picture. The manifestations of ill health are often able to be seen orally, and we take this information and use it to assess how this relates to your overall well-being.

Conventional dentists often divide their attention between the mouth, gums and throat, without connecting the dots to other areas of your lifestyle.

It is our belief that a healthy mouth is intrinsically linked to your overall health, and our holistic dental team in Brisbane’s CBD can help you understand the bigger picture. This approach is often referred to as holistic dentistry.

So what is a Holistic Dentist?

Holistic dentistry is an exciting and progressive treatment ethos that aims to connect your oral health to all your other medical and lifestyle issues – such as diet, psychology and existing medical conditions.

BOH Dental is proud to offer a full complement of holistic dental services, including –

  • Low stress and anxiety therapy.
  • Biocompatible implants, veneers & amalgam free restorations.
  • Proactive diet and lifestyle changes to improve positive oral health.
  • Biologically based preventative techniques and oral health plans.
  • Use of environmentally friendly compounds & water filtration to stop environmental contamination.

Managing Emotional Stress & Dental Anxiety

High stress levels and dental anxiety are common problems, and we understand that it is part of our duty of care to help our patients manage these issues.

Modern medicine has revealed that stress and emotional factors can lead to fatigue and loss of quality of life, and we manage these fears in our practice by using alternative techniques and therapies such as massage and aromatherapy.

We are more than happy to accommodate our dental treatment with companion treatments,
such as a calming reflexology massage.

Holistic Dentist Brisbane & The Failing Tooth

A cornerstone of holistic dentistry is the use of biomimetic materials for fillings and prosthesis. These biocompatible compounds function and react within the body very similarly to their natural counterparts.

The results are the closest possible to a real tooth, and our dentists work with the best materials in the field including – porcelain, ceramic and composite resins.

In modern dentistry, it is not uncommon to see amalgam restorations that are wearing out. These failing amalgam fillings can leak and cause tooth decay. This can result in a significantly weakened tooth, often resulting in the development of cracks and the need for significant repair.

Patient before biomimetic treatment Patient after biomimetic treatment

Many of our patients wish to replace amalgam fillings with newer ones.
We use only the highest grade biomimetics (right), and you can read about amalgam replacement here

Our approach to fixing these teeth is by using bio-compatible materials – following the principles of biomimetic dentistry. This is a new field where the materials we use are the most tooth-like and durable. These (biomimetics) are integrated with the remaining tooth structure, to bring it as close to a natural tooth as nature had originally intended.

The Holistic Picture

Every one of our patients has different health requirements, and our specialist team are able to evaluate your dental history with respects to many other facets of your health.

When evaluating your oral health, we look at many important factors, such as medical history, psychology, nutrition and lifestyle.

With our expertise and knowledge, we have helped our patients with many issues, including –

  • Dry mouth and glandular issues such as saliva production and performance.
  • Bruxism, grinding, clenching and facial pain, and their relationship to stress and anxiety.
  • Overall gum health, oral conditions and management of periodontal disease.
  • Evaluation of certain risk factors for heart disease and markers for diabetes.
  • Assessment of diet and its relationship to complete digestive health.