Meet the BOH Team | Dr Jacob De Luchi

Meet the BOH Team | Dr Jacob De Luchi

We are pleased to welcome General Dentist Dr Jacob De Luchi to the team at BOH Dental. Jacob offers a comprehensive range of treatments to care for your smile, from check-ups to complex dentistry.

Dr De Luchi has previously practised in Brisbane and has an excellent reputation for providing high-quality dental care in an approachable, family-friendly setting. He is a member of the Australian Prosthodontic Society and Australian Dental Association, and his wide skillset helps his patients understand their dental health and improve their quality of life.

“BOH dental has a wide range of experience, a long history of providing outstanding dental care to the Brisbane community, and I am excited to join the team,” says Dr Jacob De Luchi.

Dr De Luchi’s approach will be enhanced by our multi-disciplinary team and dental facilities, and below, we ask Jacob some quick questions about joining BOH and his love for dentistry.


Dental Implants Brisbane - Labelled Diagram of Natural Tooth Vs. Dental Implant

Dr David Ashton & Dr Jacob De Luchi discuss a sleep device that is used in the treatment of snoring & sleep apnoea.

What sort of dentistry are you passionate about?

When I reflect on my career to date what comes to mind first are the people that I treat. Like anyone else in their field, of course, I get excited about the technical aspect, but the bigger picture is (always the) dental treatment that helps someone improve their ability to function or to have confidence in their smile.

Which facilities at BOH Dental do you look forward to incorporating in your work?

Having the right equipment and people at hand makes my work easier and is also simpler for my patients. BOH has everything that I need from high-tech imaging to microscopes and the dental lab on-site. Of course, having the Prosthodontic department down the hallway for a referral or a second opinion is invaluable for patients requiring complex care.

Is there anything about BOH that helped you decide to practice here?

I was excited at the prospect of working at BOH Dental, which has an excellent reputation both professionally and among its patients. It is an opportunity to work as part of a multi-disciplinary team with a wealth of knowledge and experience and a strong focus on ongoing education. Importantly I found that the practice’s philosophy of patient-centred dentistry aligned well with my own.