Meet the BOH Team | Dr Alana Evans

Meet the BOH Team | Dr Alana Evans

We congratulate Dr Alana Evans on her return to BOH Dental, successful graduation from the University of Sydney (2019) and formal registration as a Specialist Prosthodontist.

Joining BOH Dental in 2013, Dr Alana Evans initially practised as a General Dentist for several years at our practice, before her decision to pursue further study. Her choice of specialty follows in the footsteps of prominent members of the Brisbane Prosthodontics community – including her great uncle Dr Ernie Wagner.

From her time as a patient at BOH, General Dentist and Prosthodontist, Dr Evans has a unique understanding of the qualities that embody our practice and has played an instrumental role in providing dental care for many of our patients, particularly following the retirement of Prosthodontist Dr Brian Fitzpatrick.

“Dr Fitzpatrick was known for his outstanding work in the field of Prosthodontics, and our team hopes to continue to work with the values and ethos he helped to maintain,” says Dr Alana Evans.

Our current Prosthodontics team of Dr Mark Elliott, Dr Stephen Robinson and Dr Alana Evans has a depth of experience in a range of clinical settings and will continue to provide patient-first dental treatment and optimal outcomes.


Dr Fitzpatrick and Dr Evans Prosthodontics

Dr Alana Evans & Dr Brian Fitzpatrick discuss a Prosthodontics case with multiple missing teeth. Dr Evans continues the care of Dr Fitzpatrick’s patients following his retirement in early 2019.


What was it like starting your career at BOH Dental?

I am a lifetime patient of BOH Dental and (always) aspired to join the team. It was a privilege to have the opportunity to work at BOH Dental straight from dental school and develop not only my knowledge and skills but also relationships with my patients.

It was through the support and mentorship provided to me at BOH Dental that my interest in Prosthodontics grew and lead to me continuing my education and registering as a Specialist Prosthodontist. I am delighted to be back and to continue caring for both my and Dr Brian Fitzpatrick’s patients.

You’re related to the late Dr Wagner, who was well-known in the local community as an established Brisbane-based Prosthodontist. How does it feel to follow in his footsteps?

Dr Wagner was my great uncle and one of Brisbane’s foremost Specialist Prosthodontists in his day. I have heard many a story of his, from both my family and the families of patients that still attend BOH Dental. It is wonderful to see how one man, by doing work he loved, could help so many people, and to see his legacy live on at BOH Dental. I am also proud to be a fellow Prosthodontist and endeavour to follow in his footsteps through my work.

What do you hope to accomplish in your new role as a Specialist Prosthodontist?

Through my training as a Prosthodontist, I have increased my knowledge and skillset and entered into a life of ongoing learning. I will always strive to learn and develop as a Prosthodontist in order to help my patients care for their teeth and oral health. Personally, my main aim in dentistry is to preserve teeth and keep my patients smiling. Our smile is how we communicate with the world around us and our teeth provide vital function in terms of eating a healthy balanced diet.

Without these two things, we suffer in both physical and mental health. I will always endeavour to provide both preventative care and treatment for my patients based on the current scientific evidence in order to preserve teeth and keep them smiling.

Which specific aspects of Prosthodontics you are passionate about?

Prosthodontics is a broad field of dentistry encompassing the preservation and restoration of aesthetics and function. Honestly, I enjoy all aspects of my work as a Prosthodontist. The specific areas I am most interested in are worn dentitions which are compromising aesthetics and function and the use of implants to replace missing teeth, whether single teeth or whole dentitions. I also enjoy working as a team with other specialists such as orthodontists and periodontists through careful and considerate planning to achieve optimal outcomes for our patients.