Why Isn`t BOH a Preferred Provider?

Why Isn`t BOH a Preferred Provider?

Many of our new patients ask why we aren’t a preferred provider – and we are here to set the record straight on why we choose not to align ourselves with any of the major health funds.

Dentists who are ‘preferred providers’ for Private Health Insurance companies (health funds) have entered a mutually beneficial agreement with the health fund. The dental practice benefits as they can offer ‘no gap’ treatments to members, which is a great incentive for people to choose the ‘preferred provider’ over other healthcare practices.

Many people aren’t aware that in order to become a ‘preferred provider’, the practice must restrict each service fee to a maximum amount dictated by the health fund.

‘No gap’ means that the price of the service is completely covered by the health fund. This offer is usually only applied to standard treatments such as dental examinations, removal of supra/sub-gingival calculus, and topical fluoride applications. Restorative services can still require a co-payment from the patient. These agreements are beneficial to the health fund, as they can build members through affiliations with private dental practices.

At BOH Dental we hold a strong position on the quality of treatment we think patients should receive, and their level of safety throughout procedures. Our dentists are highly trained, and regularly attend seminars and courses to ensure their knowledge is current. We choose equipment which functions well and provides the greatest level of safety to the patient.

Our equipment undergoes regular servicing to ensure that level of safety is maintained. Infection control is an extremely important aspect in maintaining patient safety, and BOH Dental follows a strict infection control procedure, which includes the use of three B Class sterilisation units, and a digital cycle tracking system. The materials used by BOH Dental are TGA Approved, and have undergone extensive research and study to ensure their quality.

Obviously, this all comes at a price. BOH Dental will always strive to remain competitive, however we are unwilling to compromise on the level of care we provide, therefore we are not, and will not be affiliating ourselves with any private health funds in the near future.

However, we do welcome all health fund cards for on the spot claims through our HICAPS facility.