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The branch of dentistry that deals with the reconstruction of worn and damaged teeth, the replacement of missing teeth and related mouth, jaw or facial structures by artificial devices.

BOH Prosthodontics is our team of Prosthodontic specialists in Brisbane – Dr Brian Fitzpatrick, Dr Mark Elliott, Dr Stephen Robinson and Dr Peter Greer. Our Prosthodontists have pooled their experience and knowledge, enabling them to offer collaborative, team developed treatment plans and a promise to deliver a heightened quality of service.

BOH Prosthodontists offer evidence based interventions using the latest materials, equipment and techniques, along with the prompt, high quality services of our in-house laboratory.

Treatment solutions are derived from the best available diagnostic information and are tailored to respond to the social, financial and logistic parameters provided by patients.

BOH Prosthodontics services include

Scheduling and delivery of all Prosthodontic and implant surgical services is achieved within a patient focused, caring environment. State-of-the-art digital diagnostic equipment, software and operating equipment is used to ensure low impact, time efficient and comfortable delivery of services to our patients.

We also recognize the importance of the relationship that referring dentists share with their patients and we seek to ensure the continuity and integrity of that relationship.

For Referring Dentists and Practices: To download a referral form please click here.

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