Shade-Taking : What Is White
& How Do Dentists Find It?

Shade-Taking : What Is White <br>& How Do Dentists Find It?

It’s no secret that a big, white smile can capture the eye in an instant. This raises an interesting question – what is the right white for you?

Our dentists are constantly fascinated by the range of colours, lustres and shades that are present in natural teeth. Similar to the colour of your hair, this myriad of differences makes each of our smiles both beautiful and unique. Everyone is different, and so is your smile.

We do not all measure beauty by the same standards, and some may desire ‘white like the movie stars’ while others may prefer a more balanced natural look. With an infinite amount of choice, it is our job to guide you through the process of finding the perfect shade of white for your teeth. So how do we do this?

Laboratory Manager Lyndon Hays performing a shade-taking.

What is Shade-Taking?

One of the most important aspects during any dental treatment is to make sure we find the ‘right white’ to promote the inherent natural beauty of your teeth.

During shade-taking, our team of on-site laboratory technicians carefully record the colours and tones of your teeth as a reference point. Dental Hygienist Alice Kelsey says,

“Our dental laboratory, Studio 12, complete an accurate shade-taking for all ceramic treatments to ensure that both your expectations, and our team’s expectations are met. This is a valuable tool that allows the lab to compare their work with your initial aesthetics after each step of your treatment.”

Similarly, during many of our general treatments such as tooth whitening, we perform shade taking so that we can show you the effects of your treatment.

“Prior to any tooth whitening, and following any professional scale and clean – a shade of your teeth is taken by your dental professional using our shade guide. Post-treatment we record a final shade to record and review your result,” says Alice Kelsey.

These references are used throughout treatments to make sure that everything perfectly matches your desired dental aesthetic.

shade kit on black reduced size cc with blur

What colours make up your teeth? Many hues and tones are present in your teeth, and they actually contain many colour pigments, such as reds, greens and blues.

A Spectrum of White Teeth

Whether you need before & after adjustments to your tooth whitening or wish to make sure your new dental implant matches your natural aesthetics – shade taking is an important laboratory process that allows us to help you find the right white.

While some patients wish to attain the pearliest whites possible, for others it’s about consistency and matching any new dental work to the natural lustre and tone of their original teeth, and shade-taking is a vital part of this process.

So while you may have never realized the colours that make up your smile, the attention to detail and accuracy of our laboratory team is just part of the service that allows us to provide high-quality and dental treatments!