Our Guide to Teeth Whitening | How Do I Whiten My Teeth?

Why are my teeth stained?

Teeth are stained by a myriad of chemicals and environmental factors, such as the consumption of foods with pigments (coffee, tea and red wine), medicines, smoking, aging and trauma – and teeth whitening can be a great way to counteract this.

In most cases, we recommend our take home whitening systems. The combination of low concentration bleach and use over a long period of time typically produces the best results.” Dr Ian Davies says.

“However, the needs of our patients vary and often a combination of our in-chair and take home whitening systems may be the most appropriate treatment, particularly for immediate results or severe staining.”

Whitening is a subtle process, and the degree of colour change necessary varies from person to person. While many stains can be managed by appropriate oral care, severe stains, like those from tetracycline medication, may require a greater magnitude of treatment such as laser bleaching. Dr Ian Davies continuing,

“Bleaching is often complicated by factors such as – medication, fluorosis and existing dental work. Different types of discolouration respond to bleaching at different rates, and we are able to develop treatment strategies that take these factors into account.”

Many food pigments can cause teeth staining, such as berries and wine - teeth whitening can counteract this.

Many natural foods contain colour staining pigments, such as blackcurrants and blueberries.

Your Teeth Whitening Options

Find out about the different whitening treatments available in the rest of our guide, or check out our video with Oral Health Therapist Katherine Brown (below).

Take-Home Whitening

Home bleaching involves wearing very thin, transparent plastic trays which are moulded specifically for your teeth. These trays hold a bleaching agent in contact with the tooth surface and are normally worn at night for approximately one week.

We provide both Pola and Kor whitening for home use at a variety of bleaching concentrations. Both are excellent systems with similar designs and applications, and our dentists are able to provide specific advice regarding the most suitable option for you.

Take-home whitening can be repeated periodically, with the ADA recommending once a year as an appropriate rate. We advise that our patients keep their trays, as we are able to provide bleaching top-up kits for further treatment.

In-Chair Teeth Whitening

Do you need immediate results? Quick and convenient, we provide a range of in-chair bleaching treatments – from laser whitening to light activated systems – that can have your teeth whiter in as little as 90 minutes.

One of our favourite in-chair systems, Zoom Whitening, is a photo dynamic procedure that involves just one appointment at our teeth whitening clinic in Brisbane. Immediately noticeable, this is a great solution for those that need results without the fuss or personal requirements of a take-home system.


Zoom bleaching is activated by dynamic light (left) for immediate results.

During Zoom bleaching, a special, non-acidic, hydrogen peroxide gel is combined with a low-intensity light treatment. This affects the tone produced by the light-absorbing molecules in your teeth, and the procedure is treatment allows our team to achieve a marked difference in the shade of your smile in just one session.

Similarly, our laser treatment SmartBleach is a one-session whitening system available at our clinic. We have found this treatment is particularly useful for stubborn single-teeth stains, or patients concerned with any staining that cannot be removed via conventional methods.

Can I get Teeth Whitening products over-the-counter?

Yes, but they are different products to those that are provided by a dental professional! The whitening agents that your dentist can able to apply are stronger than the over-the-counter alternatives.

Also, the experience of your dental team means they are able to offer the most relevant advice and plan the best dental treatment for your personal needs.

“Unlike over the counter purchases, our treatment is not a ‘dispense and forget’ situation. Patients can experience sensitivity during bleaching, and may require specific instructions to get the most out of a bleaching experience,” says Dr Ian Davies.

At BOH Dental, we believe that no two sets of teeth are the same, and teeth whitening should never be viewed as a one-size-fits-all procedure. We provide a safe, comforting environment, and tailor our whitening plans to suit your individual needs.

Always available to help if treatment is not proceeding as expected, we are there every step of the way to ensure that your whitening is achieved safely and your expectations are met. Contact our dentists in Brisbane CBD for personalized treatment and the long term maintenance of your beautiful, bright smile.


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