Overseas Dental Emergency | Holiday Dental Emergency Brisbane

Overseas Dental Emergency | Holiday Dental Emergency Brisbane
November 25th, 2014 | Dental, Dental Emergency, Dr Ashton

Most of us have been there. You are abroad, or on-the-road, and disaster strikes. Is there anything that promotes the same stress levels abroad as a medical emergency? We think not.

Every month we have many emergency dental cases come through our doors, from chipped teeth and wobbly crowns to tooth sensitivity and pain. Dental problems are often disconcerting and sometimes require a prompt response – so, did you know that we also cater for our patients that are overseas?


Dental issues abroad? Not only can we advise you on the correct course of action and provide any necessary documentation to your travel insurance provider, but with our extensive network of international contacts, we may even be able to find a local dental professional to help you.


Whether you are travelling in America, England, or Indonesia, we will endeavour to promptly answer your questions, and if required, refer you to a known and trusted dental provider in your country of travel.

Just follow these simple steps –
  • Record the details
    The more information we are given, the easier it is for us to help and understand the emergency. It is important that you let us know how or when it happened, and any specific details, such as the location of the problem and the scale of your pain.
  • Take a picture
    This is particularly helpful if the issue is in an easy to photo place, such as a chipped front tooth. Some things that can help us include; pictures of any swelling, physical damage or discolouration.
  • Send it to us ASAP
    We don`t mind how you contact us, whether it is via our landline, website or e-mail address, and we always endeavour to respond as quickly as possible.Even when overseas, we still want the best outcomes for our patients, and the important thing is for you to receive the best possible advice regarding your dental emergency.
  • Leave your contact details
    Remember to give us your current contact information while you are abroad, or a local emergency contact to pass on our advice, and let us know if you will be out of contact range.We take these issues very seriously, and there is nothing worse than not being able to get in contact with one of our patients who requested help in a dental emergency.
  • Try to Stay Calm
    We understand that dental emergencies can be overwhelming, and our goal in these situations is to help you understand your options and get the best information.Many issues may be left until you return from holidays, and in a worst case scenario, we are able to help you find the right healthcare professional to help you.


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